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Where to Buy Wet Bags in Singapore?

Open shop sign on a store door reflecting a warm and inviting interior, signaling the availability of Mellow Wet Bags in Singapore's retail scene.

For parents, swimmers, gym enthusiasts, and travelers, wet bags are indispensable tools for managing wet or dirty items on the go. This guide explores where to buy wet bags in Singapore, highlighting unique features and popular brands available through different retail channels.

Mellow Wet Bags

Begin your search with Mellow, known for its innovative wet bags featuring detachable compartments—ideal for those who need versatile solutions. Mellow's designs are not only functional but stylish, making them a top choice for parents looking to manage everyday messes efficiently.

Specialty Baby Stores

Motherswork: A premier destination for high-quality baby products, Motherswork offers wet bags from brands like Bapron and Doona. Known for their durability and design, these brands are favorites among active parents.

Pupsik: Offering a range of options including Kanga Care and their in-house brand Pupsik Studio, Pupsik is another go-to for parents. Their selection caters to a variety of needs.

Online Platforms

For a broader range, platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon are invaluable. They provide access to a wide array of brands and models, from affordable options to branded wet bags. These platforms often feature customer reviews, which can help in making an informed decision.


Whether you're a parent in need of a functional wet bag for daycare needs or a swimmer looking for a reliable solution to manage wet gear, Singapore offers a variety of options to suit every need. Visit Mellow for a unique and attractive solutions, explore Motherswork and Pupsik for specialized brands, or browse Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon for a wider selection and competitive pricing.

After exploring the various options for purchasing wet bags in Singapore, don't forget to check out our comprehensive collection of Mellow Wet Bags. Designed with both style and practicality in mind, our bags are perfect for any parent, traveler, or fitness enthusiast. Visit our Mellow Wet Bags main page to view our full range of products and find the perfect wet bag that meets all your needs.



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