Cot Mobile - Erika

Cot Mobile - Erika

  • Designer's notes

    This mobile's name is Erika and it is the first mobile which was sold so it is the special one for us. It is small and cute, we love it!

    As part of the decoration of the room, the mobile should hang out where there is enough space to move freely, at eye level or slightly higher.

    Mobiles with slow rotation bring an element of tranquility and coziness, the petals of the mobile are light and move smoothly. You can hang it on an invisible fishing line or on the attached rope and the ceiling hook.

    Each mobile is manufactured and balanced by hands. All you need to do is just hang it and enjoy it. 

  • Size

    30 x 45 cm
  • Details and care

    Petals: Birch

    Rods: Stainless steel

    Mobile is an artwork and is great for children, but it is not a toy.

    Please hang your mobile out of the reach of children. There is no need to pull the mobile. The air will do all the job!