Sounds of Nature: World of Forests

Sounds of Nature: World of Forests

  • Synopsis

    In World of Forests, discover these amazing habitats: evergreen forest of Germany; redwood forest of California, USA; deciduous forest of England, UK; Amazon rainforest of South America; cloud forest of the Virunga mountains, Africa; desert forest of Socotra Island, Yemen; beech forest in Brussels, Belgium; mangrove forest in the Sundarbans, India; and boreal forest of Alaska, USA.


    Listen to these wooded places come to life as you hear the:


    Low-pitched growls of the Eurasian lynx (evergreen forest)

    Flute-like sound of the varied thrush (redwood forest)

    Neighing and snorting of a wild pony (deciduous forest)

    Raucous howls and grunts of the red howler monkey (rainforest)

    Scratchy sound of a blue-baboon spider moving to find an insect meal (desert forest)

    Chewing and snapping sounds of a giant panda having a meal (bamboo forest)


    Step under the trees, where 80 percent of the world's land species make their home, to take in the glorious sights and sounds!