Sounds of Nature: World of Oceans

Sounds of Nature: World of Oceans

  • Synopsis

    In World of Oceans, discover these amazing habitats: open ocean of the Pacific; frozen water of the Arctic; coral waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef; swamp waters of Florida, USA; a rockpool in Cornwall, UK; bay waters of San Francisco, USA; island waters of Indonesia, Asia; the deep sea of the Mariana Trench; coastal waters of Brazil, South America; and sandy coastline of Cape Town, Africa.


    Listen to these and more watery places come to life as you hear the:


    Booming snorts, roars and growls of the northern elephant seal (Pacific Ocean)

    Happy squeaks, chirps, whistles and clucks of the ghostly white beluga whales (Arctic Ocean)

    Angry hissing noise of a common snapping turtle warning off intruders (Florida swamp)

    Scuttling noise of a giant spider crab (Mariana Trench)

    High-pitched clicking sounds of poison dart frogs (Brazil)

    Loud splash of a great white shark as it falls back into the water (South Africa)


    Dip your toe in, hold your breath and get ready to plunge into the deep blue oceans that cover our planet!