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/ˈmɛləʊ/(adj.) pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness.

As a mum of two young boys, I found the local community in Singapore to have limited choices for babies accessories, especially when it comes to designs and colour selections. Even when something catches my attention, the items were usually either not readily available in the Asian market or too costly for our small family budget. In order to make accessories with beautiful designs both affordable and accessible, I set to launch a brand with a very clear mission, and that’s how Mellow was born.

Mellow is all about beautiful designs and colours, made only from the highest quality and softest materials. Drawing inspirations from the environment and nature to architecture and structure, materials and designs are the deciding elements of our products with our refreshing take on classic children’s accessories. 

Mellow is also about colour themes - we pick softer colours for our collections as we believe that they accentuate our children’s purity.

We, at Mellow, believe that childhood is one of the most beautiful moments in our children’s lives because it is when they are most filled with innocence and curiosity. It is also when we capture the most moments down on pictures which emphasises the importance of designs to complement these photos - making every moment picture perfect.

At Mellow, we focus our creation around the early years of our children's lives - at the different important stages such as feeding and sleeping. We want to offer a diverse range of products such as silicone bibs, feeding bibs, dribble bibs and swaddles to be a small part of these important moments.

Naturally, our aim is for Mellow to always be accessible and affordable to anyone, and we only work with partners who do not compromise on values and qualities.

Mellow - Beautiful Design. For our beautiful children. For those beautiful moments.

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