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Suction Base + Ergonomically Designed

Mellow was born with a very clear mission - to make baby essentials beautiful, affordable and accessible.

Welcome to MELLOW


From our home library to yours

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want to inculcate in them the values we believe in most. Is it kindness and empathy? A love for learning and staying curious? A celebration of individuality and embracing the one's unique self? Explore these concepts with the help of these fun and inspiring books.


Learning through play

Our philosophy is to provide well-made, aesthetically pleasing products that last. We believe children thrive with simpler toys. Fewer, better made toys open their minds to new stories and innovative ways to play which will serve them well through life.


These toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and passed down for generations.